Saturday, December 08, 2012

Al-Azhar and Saudi Awqaf work to combat spread of Shiaism

Al-Azhar and Saudi Awqaf work to combat spread of Shiaism A statement from an official source within Al-Azhar stated on Monday October 10th that an agreement had been reached between Al-Azhar and the Saudi Ministry of Awqaf and Islamic Affairs to combat Shia advocacy efforts, sectarianism, and foreign interventions meant to disrupt the social and political stability of Sunni Muslims. The source stated to “Islam Online” that the agreement is meant to be implemented through religious advocacy collaborations to protect the Sunni society from any internal or external attempts to destabilize their society or doctrine. The agreement was reached during the meeting between Dr. Ahmed Al-Tayeb, Sheikh of Al-Azhar and his guest, Dr. Saleh Al-Sheikh, Minister of Awqaf and Islamic Affairs in Saudi Arabia, in Cairo on Sunday. They also emphasized during the meeting the need to spread the moderate Islamic ideology.
Communication and dialogue The source also asserted to “Islam Online” that the two parties agreed to maintain coordination, communication, and understanding in order to reinforce the Islamic stance based on the moderate ideology exhorted by Al-Azhar and Saudi scholars. In addition to that, Dr. Al-Tayeb and Dr. Al-Sheikh also expressed the importance of dialogue with Shiites in the Gulf on the basis of nationalism, not on the basis of the delegations of sectarian foreign agendas. At the same time, Al-Tayeb disclosed his condemnation of the events taking place in some Gulf countries, which are perpetrated by Shiite individuals—the events that threaten the unity of the Arab world. Dr. Saleh Al-Sheikh ensured that the ties between the scholars of Egypt and Saudi are strong due to the common grounds they share in supporting Islam and maintaining unity between Muslims. Islamic reference “We appreciate the invitation of Al-Azhar Sheikh and assure that Saudi and its scholars look towards Al-Azhar as a prominent source of reference of the Sunni people and the Sunni ideology, both religiously and politically,” Al-Sheikh assured. “We noticed the concern the Sheikh of Al-Azhar had regarding the welfare of Islam and Muslims. We appreciate the Sheikh’s concern for unity and cooperation between Muslims, and from here, I would to make it known that the scholars of Saudi fully approve of Al-Azhar’s program in bringing about unity, and appreciate its long history. We fully support this historical establishment and its effect on Muslims worldwide.” He continued: “for these reasons we are keen on strengthening our relationship and understanding with Egypt; it being the largest Arab and Islamic country possessing scholars, politicians, writers, thinkers, and influencers. Egypt is a vital country to Muslims and their stability and welfare.”

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