Friday, February 25, 2011


life is beautiful....and..everything
happen for a good reason...hablu minallah wa hablu minannaas..
Ana x berkongsi apa2 info pribadi dengan orang yang x dikenali...dan ana juga tak kan chat dengan lelaki kalau tiada hal penting..kalau nak bagi apa2 info..sila nyatakan dulu..Ana tidak menolak sebarang perkongsian(ilmu).. kepada sahabat2 yg memerlukan bntuan ana....
sekiranya ana dapat membantu ana akan bntu..jangan segan2...insyaALLAH..semoga ALLAH merahmati kita dalam setiap perkara yg dilakukan....amin...

i want to die with my forehead on the ground,the sunnah in my heart,ALLAH on my mind...quran on my tongue and tears on my eyes...amin ya rabbal alamin..
assalmmualaikum warhmatullahi wabarakahtu..
i try to be a better muslimah by following the sunnah of our prophet S.A.W n hope u will help me inshaALLAH..Islam is my life..if u have smthg against it u better shouldn't add me,,but if ur a non muslim but really interested in islam and think about to converting to islam I will try my best to show you how beautiful and peaceful our religion u are welcome here..!!

especially for men:please dont offer me any relationship,dont ask me to meet and so on..dont ask me to show my face,im niqabi..i wont do it!IN GENERAL..just DONT ADD ME!!

my goal is to know sisters in islam from all over the world..inshaALLAH..i don't care about ur skin..i dont care ur weight or your height..or look at all..i just want to sharing knowledge with you all...

respect my religion n i will respect you..thats all what you need to bcme my friend! mre thing i won't share any info about me with the stranger..may ALLAH be with us...
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